Sacred Violence Noise



Active in the top tier of the noise underground for over 15 years since his teens under numerous aliases, Vill Van Gorder changed the landscape of modern American harsh noise in 2017 by summoning the avatar WORTH and releasing the "Blinder" LP - a pure harsh noise record with a singular sound and aesthetic that re-introduced Van Gorder to the then floundering scene as an artist who creates works of totality, challenging established tropes of what entities like ritual, evil, brutality, industry and darkness should sound like.
"Sacred Violence Noise" is another critical sign post in the development of the project, recorded shortly after "Blinder."
It is based around a 33 minute piece called "Ornamented," recorded in the Nan Province of Northern Thailand, an epic nightmare utilizing processed sounds from the Thai village bound by a "blind loop" leitmotif, as well as a wide range of ghastly sounds that we expect to hear from WORTH.
"Chirping Head" is a 19+ minute track recorded upon his return to the states, where the psychic impact of the trip is still audible.
"Live in Nan" closes the tape: a live recording of a blaring guerrilla noise set performed by WORTH over the village intercom in Nan during his stay.

1.  Ornamented
2.  Chirping Head
3.  Live In Nan

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