Final Service


CD in DVD Box (Teito011) - TEITO

Few final copies back on stock!

"Singular Cleansweep Operations" is a solo project by IB (one half of "Operation Cleansweep") and "Final Service" this is its first output.
Best German industrial ambient sounds reminding you about a grey sky, destroyed streets, devastating power from unknown sources....
This is what Death Industrial (or whatever you call it) should be.

Tracklist :
1 Invisible Wounds 3:47
2 Todbereit 3:55
3 Guard 3:14
4 Ad Absurdum 3:25
5 Death In Order 3:56
6 Verbrenne, Mensch! 5:19
7 Revolutionary Suicide Council 4:23
8 The Cane 4:12
9 Final Service 4:16
10 Inquisition 3:29
11 Infektion 3:21
12 N.D.E. 6:22

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