Honor et Gloria - La Geste De Graffen Walder


CD Jewel Box (CL 08) - LE CLURICAUN

‘Honor et Gloria’ offers a mix of medieval and epic folk and post-industrial music featuring members of GAË BOLG & THE CHURCH OF FAND.
23 Trublion 23 was active as a musician since 1991 under the name Mönch Machine (Monk machine), a project that was bound to sonorities between Virgin Prunes and the Residents.
After many self-produced MCs and some collaborations, the project has been put on ice and it was only in year 2005, when T23 met the grand master of ‘The Church of Fand’: he joined Gaë Bolg as percussionist and signed to the label ‘Le Cluricaun’ to release this first official album.
‘Honor et Gloria’ is a surprisingly original and wild album, musically speaking on the edge between epic, medieval folk and post-industrial sonorities: Grandiose songs inspired by obscure European legends of living-dead knights, epic and majestic tales about barbaric sodomites and fairy-tales of dragons from other worlds and times.

01 Hurlezob
02 Honor et Gloria I
03 Draconis Testiculi
04 Juste courroux
05 Honor et Gloria II
06 O Leuchtende Schoenheiten
07 Vinum, Sexus et Caro Cruda
08 Houblon et Larmes Amères
09 Honor et Gloria III - Première Partie
10 Honor et Gloria III - Seconde Partie
11 Epilogue
12 Tant Crie t'on Noël Qu'il Vient
13 Colloque

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