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CD Digipack (RAGE66) - RAGE IN EDEN / W.O.P.

One year after his debut, George D. Stanciulescu returns with a neatly distinguished opus, this time reaching the heights of malignant Drama, in a suite of 12 tracks of majestic excess and voluptuously carven diversity.
Elegant and compelling orchestral densities full of sophisticated charm, profound recesses, heart wretching scents of tragedy, viciously intense sopranos effusions, all morphed into a dynamic and ingenious set of cinematic impulses, elite livresque allusions and selected grains of madness.
Ultimately emotional dramatic art with an excellent production, not to be missed by the admirers of (post)modern classical masters, industrial, dark ambient, opera/ethereal voices , such as : Elend, Devil Doll or The Protagonist.

Tracklist :
1 Templum Stygialis 2:52
2 Disquiet Opera 3:54
3 M'Illumino Di Sangue 1:39
4 ...À Coeur Posthume 2:41
5 Uranogeea 3:48
6 Mimes Of The Occult 6:18
7 Desdichado Tango 4:02
8 Epiphany 2:12
9 Heritages De L'Angoisse 7:08
10 Ferlyse 2:37
11 To End 3:40
12 Worldiscence 4:04

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