CD Jewel Box (ERD CD 01 ) - ERDGUT

This tour de force of ambient-industrial sound effects takes you on a trip through an abandoned city where the last person out forgot to turn off the machines.
There are pistons, buzzes, rasps and the sound of splashing water, and the 'music' is composed of these effects without recourse to conventional instruments except for some reasonably organic-sounding percussion on the penultimate track.
Some tracks were recorded at particularly interesting and appropriate locations including a bunker, gasometer towers, and canals in Vienna, and in three big iron tanks in a destroyed factory at Dresden.

Allgrena might be familiar because of the partecipation in the 7" vinyl compilation "WO DIE WILDEN KERLE WOHNEN", featuring also Der Blutharsch, Novy Svet, Allerseelen ...

1 Tonräder 8:54
2 Im Haus Ist Feuer 4:22
3 Aufmarsch Ins Ego 8:34
4 Partitur Ur 3:17
5 Traum Rotor 9:59
6 Entfesselt 12:14
7 Era 3:19
8 Erdgut 9:18
9 Häutung 4:06
10 Tonräder 3:12

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