Contemplating Death


CD-R Jewel Box (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Debut release by Cervix.
Musically it's an experimental union between extreme doom and noise/electronics,
a mix between metal guitars, electronic, industrial noisy sounds.
Some atmospheres may remind a bit “Iszoloscope” ambient sides, while others may vaguely remind “Haus Arafna” .
For the rather metal side, the guitars are heavy, but not that ‘doom’: many parasites, quite low but not prominent in comparison to other noises.
Simply, expect a good quality and original doom-noise experimentation for connoisseurs.

Tracklist :
01 - Prologue
02 - Preparations
03 - Mental Interference 01
04 - Resolving life problems
05 - Mental Interference 02
06 - Neurological Conflicts
07 - Mental Interference 03
08 - Bloodbath
09 - Mental Interference 04
10 - Purification
11 - Epilogue

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