Flanking the Black Moose


CD Jewel Box (RT 001 / CIR 050 ) - RADIOTARAB

Collaboration by Nothing & Gruntsplatter.
Dark-ambient, continuosly evolving sounds from minimal to heavy electronics ...

1 Few Remain Alive In Moosehorn, Connecticut After Teeth And Venom Spill (7:20)
2 Their Scalps Were Discovered Just Outside The Moose Bog, Maine Quadrangle Tied To Plastic Bags (6:30)
3 Another Termite Found In The Moose Junction, Wisconsin County Hospital (7:03)
4 The Delicate And Carefully Planned Starvation Of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (4:29)
5 A Pint And A Deceitful Body Bag At The Moose Factory, Ontario Public House (8:11)
6 Moose Creek, Alaska Had Developed An Unhealthy Affinity For Autopsy Exchange (4:49)
7 My Fingers And Thoughts Unfurled In Big Moose, Ohio (5:32)

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