2xLP (MHz07) -

Limited Edition 520 copies

Goran Besov is a very sensible observer, consumer, worker or part of the industrialized and norm society which is reproducing "in experimental style" the collected various information as audio tracks.
Great EBM / Elektronica in the vein of bext Ant-Zen releases.

Original version of "dream and bliss" written by P·A·L!
Layout by Salt.

A1 Imbalance
A2 Chemical Imbalance
A3 Surface
A4 Dream And Bliss "Radiant Mix"
A5 Subterranian
B1 Request
B2 Nylon Evasion
B3 Prevent Accidents
B4 Increase Production
B5 The Source Occupation
C1 At The Shivering Star
C2 Prefex
C3 Silent Perversion
C4 Detension
C5 Media Termination
D1 Psychophonic Consumption
D2 Escape From Necropolis
D3 Dark Sun
D4 Prefex "Archive Mix"
D5 Blessing Of The Masses

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