Epidemic Animals


2xCD-R + DVD-R Maxy Jewel Box (OECDR 035) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

a collection of post atomic sounds with usual Kenji's voice telling on japanise about bad things happening ...
A mix of dark-ambient, elektro-glich, elektro-industrial & terror-sounds !
A perfect soundtrack for our rotten ages !

All tracks on the 2 discs are collaborations with new / joung industrial projects such as :
- Sick to the Black Teeth
- Julia Durer
- White Mountains
- Djet
- Szbuta Soroh
- The Two-Year Curse
- Josseline 23T
- Roto Visage
- Matrushka
- Mekhate
- AZ-Rotator
- ZR 19.84
- Mind Necrosis Factor
- Dead man's Hill
- Pendro

The DVD presents a visual work by Vladd Mutagene with Kenji's soundtrack on the background ...
A continuos terrorizing flash of terminal replicants invading your subconsiousness ...

Covers and packaging art-work by Paul Mc Caroll who designed also the "Hypergenome 666" box ! Simply amazing !!! The whole comes also with a couple of aditional very sexual-art inserts

A very complex, structured and very actual work !
Neo-modernism in post-industrial sauce ....

Nice Price!
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