N. stays true to his old-fashioned, nihilistic approach to industrial/power electronics anti-music: equipment is a Korg Poly 800, tape decks, memory man electro harmonix and a big muff pedal.
Tracks are mostly repetitive synth patterns with layers of washing distortion.
Think of Atrax Morgue's "Cut my throat" CD and you have a rough idea of what this is.
Lots of the tracks are obsesivly static and void.
Some titles have pathological samples.
While "Valeria", is a long sampled child song with underlaying noise, which does have a disquieting effect.

Black and Silver CDr - NB: the playing side is the Black one!

1 Wound Lust 6:54
2 To Die in Bed 3:28
3 Organic Odors (Part - II) 3:58
4 Wet Sheets 5:20
5 Disease Inside You 4:34
6 Indifferenza 4:08
7 Black News (Snuff Version) 3:34
8 Sex Frustration 4:19
9 Amateur Surgeon 4:02
10 Contenzione 4:12
11 Valeria 11:43

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