Half Born in Half Light


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Half Born in Half Light is based on the foundations of psychedelic ambient soundscapes and darkly majestic bass drone, over which tribal rhythms and magickal vocal invocations build grotesque alien monoliths whose angles mock the euclidean mathematics of conventional composition.
Niko Skorpio is not restricted to one particular genre, but draws on many sources.
This makes the music colourful and diverse, yet it remains coherent and has the
artist’s unique fingerprints all over (this time literally in the cover as well).
If we are to give it a label, let’s call it HERMETIC FUSION MUSICK.
CD comes with gorgeously designed 12-panel leaflet with art, photos, liner
notes etc.

1. { monogram }
2. Worm in the Foundation
3. NeitherSphere
4. Leper Angel
5. Through the Ribcage
6. To Reincarnate as a Bagpipe
7. We No Longer Exist

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