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After three years of austerity and hard work, "Yksityisyys" finally cracks the living daylight. H. Kyllönen's second coming is his most idiosyncratic and convoluted album to date, hence the title "Yksityisyys".

"Yksityisyys" is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure & deep satisfaction to the mind, arising from sensory manifestations (such as shape, color and sound), a meaningful design and pattern.

"Yksityisyys" provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, moments of unpleasant and emotional states that involves a complex combination of emotions. It may be benevolent at time, but slowly it fills the mind with oily malignancy and drives the mind to the edge of phobia and nausea.

Containing all cognitive, somatic, emotional and behavioral components, the manifestations are in balance and one-to-one to the subjective experience of beauty. Don't fear the mind, take control and let the turmoil wind it up.

Digifile cover featuring beautiful paintings by Senni Sollo ...

1. Kaunotar Ruuturouva
2. Flex Dental Zwei
3. Etelään
4. Koirantappo
5. Pakomatka Pohjoiseen
6. Sininen
7. Manala

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