Las 77 Paginas



A film directed by Diego Arondojo and Mauro Savarino
Soundtrack by Opus Nigrum

The film story:
from the beginning of time the human race has been scared to the Oblivion.
The necessity of not being forgotten, to leave a registry before dying allowed to the development of the painting and the writing.
In primitive cave paintings or an enlarged medieval book, the fear that the Oblivion erases us has been constant.
The universe is governed by opposing forces: peace, war, knowledge, ignorance… but over all govern the Oblivion.
Supreme teacher who allows to suppress the things alive, so that the new thing arises.
Nevertheless a person refused to be erased.
His name was The Printer, and thanks to his high magical knowledge he made the Book of seventy seven pages.
This peculiar Book would be in charge to catch in each page the bore of an outstanding human being in sciences or arts.
This way the Book would become something as well as a Binnacle of the Humanity, avoiding the death at the hands of the Oblivion.
But this force swore to find him… without concerning neither the time nor the place.
At the present time the human species faces a new challenge.
All the continents are moving with intention to be united and to form a new Pangaea; that mythical supercontinent that existed trillions ago of years.
Scientists of NASA try to find a solution, but the hand of the nature punishes human pride making use of horrible natural disasters.
When everything seems sunk in the shades… in the United Nations appears a hope.
A group called the Necessary Council says to have a tool to stop the return of Pangaea.
The glance of a languid world settles on this strange group, that has managed to find the mysterious Book.
In some of its pages there’s the key to avoid our extinction.

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