CD Jewel Box (!coup d'etat 001!) - MECHANOISE LABS

First proper CD release for this new incarnation of Sedaye Marg, courtesy of Coup d'Etat Communications.
While a departure from the all-out assault of past releases (which is to a certain degree responsible for the new spelling in its name), it retains the processed and distorted percussions and strident electronics while incorporating more elements from its key subject of modern Persian history.
A soundtrack to military coups, rapid modernization, misguided faith, betrayals and ultimately rebirth.

1 Lion And Sun
2 Cinema Rex Is Burning
3 The Guard Of The Immortals
4 As Ctesiphon Fell Again
5 Summer Of 1953
6 Betrayal Of An Architect
7 Governed By Fear
8 Operation Karbala Five
9 Exile
10 Every Day Is Ashura
11 Red Tulips Will Bloom From Our Blood
12 Esfehan Steel
13 Pahlavan
14 Frashogard

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