In the Cold of the Stabbing Doldrums


10" Vinyl (apop103) - APOP

Split 10” from Boston’s Sewer Goddess and Nashville’s Mourner.
Combining raw, beat-driven power electronics and oppressive, ornamental doom, this slab of vinyl contains three tracks to carry you down the dark, looming path of isolation.
Sewer Goddess’ enigmatic approach to both noise & power electronics weaves undulating rhythm, echoing vocal wretch, and vile guitar riffery into a caustic cauldron of depravity.
Akin to the likes of Steel Hook Prostheses, Sewer Goddess has risen to the top of contemporary heavy electronics.
With crushing power, Mourner’s dynamic volley of squelching feedback, death march percussion, and cavernous wraith vocal attack lends itself to the school of doom forebearers, Burning Witch and Khanate.
With atmospheric tension at a snail’s pace, Mourner is able to harness the haunting cacophony of Hell with blackened romanticism.
Hopeless, putrid – this is organic depression in its purest form.
Silver print on black card sleeve with insert.

Tracklist :
1 Sewer Goddess – Roped In and Spit Out
2 Sewer Goddess – Slavepiece
3 Mourner – The Death Posture

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