Recorded In Hell



The second fulltime album from this german act.
18 tracks in best German old school industrial / powerlectronics tradition.
Recorded In Hell takes no time to reveal it’s true colours, brutally distorted vocals, abrasive and guttural, scream at us, machinery dives into full on breakdown and feedback mode, and the mood turns angry.
Eighteen tracks of harsh Power and violent sonic assaults !
Heavy industrial sounds and effects, uncompromising delivery and throat shredding vocals abound, their combined weight creating a hellish sonic vision.
Hidden amongst the assault troops are also a couple of almost ambient but still uncompromising pieces ...
A worthy release that should appeal to fans of Haus Arafna and to all who like true Harsh Industrial and Power Electronics.
Recorded In Hell ? Very possibly.

1 Prologue 1:37
2 Guerdon For The Rest 4:39
3 Ontogenese 3:34
4 Rhythm Of Blood 4:10
5 Sequence 1 1:55
6 Prodigal 4:26
7 Blatancy 4:01
8 Sequence 2 3:50
9 Berlin Noise 3:54
10 White Trash 3:29
1 Silence For You 3:27
12 Screen 3:44
13 Irfam 3:28
14 Morphogenie 3:20
15 Stop Me Now 4:12
16 Art Of Terror 4:23
17 Writ Of Execution 5:16
18    Antipathetic Against S. T. 3:37

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