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A concept in constant evolution with a marked cenographical and theatrical edge, Thermidor is the audiovisual experience/installation of an artist known solely as “J”.
It is a metaphor that incarnates the impossibility of an absolute domain over the revolutionary act of Creation and a tribute to the alien, sometimes horrific and brutal, force of Chance.
Thermidor pays homage to the eternally unknown and translates into soundscapes - and other media – an inherent feeling of timeless desolation, nightmarish dream and loss...
“1929” is a deeply immersive exploration of what lies beyond the wall of sleep, showing glimpses into timeless vistas where the boundaries between Fantasy and Reality are blurred, musically reminiscent of the works of Lustmord, Herbst 9, First Law or Coph Nia.
Also features 2 remixes by acclaimed artists Flint Glass and Empusae as well as a video track of “Obituarium” by António Sabença.
A Dark Ambient album.

01 – Intro “Cítara”
02 – Ecclesiastes
03 – Oceanus
04 – Sub Levare
05 – Plenum Aquae
06 – Outro “Ancoradouro”
07 – Oceanus (Empusae Remix)
08 – Plenum Aquae (Flint Glass Remix)

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