Heilige Feuer 6

Various Artists

2xCD Digifile (Angriff Nr. 32) - DER ANGRIFF

The new release in the series is to commemorate the Heilige Feuer 6 festival which was held in December 2006 in Moscow.
This is also a dedication to our good friend and true comrade Eduard Chernyshov whose enthusiasm, energy, activity and creativity once gave birth to Heilige Feuer festival and who has sadly passed away in late 2005.
The double CD includes exclusive tracks by all festival participants.
The release comes as a deluxe double digisleeve printed in bronze on a luxury designer’s paper, plus special embossment of the festival logo.

1-1 Kryptogen Rundfunk Blue Like A Carrot (7:55)
1-2 Kryptogen Rundfunk Which Way The River Runs (2:46)
1-3 Leiche Rustikal Contra (4:42)
1-4 Leiche Rustikal L7sd (5:37)
1-5 ICK Administration (5:55)
1-6 ICK Le Temps Efface La Vie (6:21)
1-7 Radio Murmansk A Hump (6:52)
1-8 Radio Murmansk Nacht Über Berlin (7:46)

2-1 Anthesteria First Winter Day (6:41)
2-2 Anthesteria Peter Krasnov (6:21)
2-3 Protagonist, The Human (4:50)
2-4 Protagonist, The The Sick Rose (Live) (4:38)
2-5 A Challenge Of Honour Far Away From Home (4:57)
2-6 A Challenge Of Honour Snow On The Red Square (5:45)
2-7 Des Esseintes Strapped (4:03)
2-8 Des Esseintes Off (Live) (3:51)

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