Tal Mont de Lune

Various Artists

CD Digipack (FM 03) - FINAL MUZIK

"Tal Mont De Lune" includes mainly unreleased songs, live and new versions, featuring some tracks exclusively recorded for this Final Muzik release.

Track list:
01. THE LAST FALL "Treasure" - Taken from the CD album "Unknown Treasures"
02. all my faith lost... "Land's End" - AMAZING year 2006 unreleased track (NOT available anywhere else!)
03. FORESTA DI FERRO "La Ultime Gnot (Ave Maria)" - Sounds assembled by Marco Deplano, Richard Leviathan and John Murphy. Vocals by Francis Tami. Unreleased new version
04. INNER GLORY "Evening Of A New Day" - 2001 unreleased archive track
05. WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW "Dharma" - Unreleased
06. CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE "O Tu Che Vieni Al Doloroso Ospizio" - Live in Toledo - Septemper 15th, 2001.
07. KNIFELADDER "Carousel" - Knifeladder is Hunter Barr, Andrew Trail and John Murphy
08. SALLY DOHERTY AND THE SUMACS "Gold" - Live performance at the Barfly, Sheffield, November 2001
09. THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK "Spiritus Patitur" - Unreleased track
10. ARGINE "In Silenzio (Moon Version)" - Unreleased year 2004 new version
11. CRISANTEMO DEL CARRIONE "Il Ballo Della Peste (Final Version)" - Unreleased new version
12. SHINING VRIL "A Secret God" - All sounds by John Murphy
13. NORTHGATE "A Blind Squirrel On The Drumkit!" - Unreleased track
14. MANIFESTO "The Pillar Upon which The World Rests"

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