Coincidentia Oppositorum


CD Jewel Box (¥709) - HYMEN

This is the sort of release that instantly restores your faith in electronic music.
Comparisons with Aphex Twin and Autechre have been made and it’s obvious why, yet Coincidentia Oppositorium stands up in it’s own right.
Atmospheric tracks full of subtle melody and state of the art, often bizarre sampling technology, flutter and illuminate the album from start to finish.
In places we have some truly awe-inspiring break-beat programming to give the album a powerful, reconstructed feel.
At other times the album breaks down into filmic heartwarming string and piano sections.

Purists might well file it under ambient but with the music often interrupted by short bursts of break-beat or distorted sampling of overwhelmic proportions it would be wrong to categorise this as anything for fear of misleading the listener.
Coincidenta Oppositorum is an imaginitive Island of work, with little treasures placed in every nook and cranny, anybody with that truly eclectic sense of adventure willl find this an absolutely crucial addition to their CD collection.

Maybe a good definition of the music might be: Drum n Bass Ambient ?

Tracklist :
1 Untitled 2:34
2 Untitled 5:09
3 Untitled 3:41
4 Untitled 2:27
5 Untitled 4:53
6 Untitled 4:06
7 Untitled 3:15
8 Untitled 4:37
9 Untitled 3:52
10 Untitled 3:13
11 Untitled 3:52
12 Untitled 4:25
13 Untitled 3:43
14 Untitled 2:17
15 Untitled 6:02
16 Untitled 3:56

This is rare!
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