Occidentem Appello !



Devoted to II WW in Croatia, this album comes with inserts, one Bleiburg pin and a iron-wire crucifix .

For that release Stefan Rukavina is using a phenomenal amount of different sounds, samples and effects.
Maybe a slight exaggeration but one but we are more than happy with.
He’ll happily create this blackened ambient atmosphere, complete with resplendent pounding percussion, one minute then hit you with a piece of electrifying experimental permutation the next.
The whole aural structures are incredibly well put together and an unremitting dark force to be reckoned with.
Throughout this work of artistic achievement Stefan spins these sonically bleak tracks into a web of stunning malevolence which is without equal.
Even the foray into harsh noise is an abominable pleasure to treasure.
The pursuit of which is never far from reach.
Hello darkness my old friend this release screams out at you ....

Track listing :
01.Nothing To Fear
02.Open Wound
03.Final Solution
04.Without Remorse
05.Signs From The Dead
06.A Crying Statue
07.Memories Of A Distant Past
08.Advocatus Dei
09.No Nothing Never
10.O Sacrum Convivum

This is rare!
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