Coroner's Sun


2xCD in DVD Digipak + Booklet & Poster (TRI 252 CD) - TRISOL

1st edition of Kirlian Camera's 2006 album.
Comes in an A5 sized 4-panel-digipak limited to 2000 copies including a 32 pages booklet plus a small double-sided poster and a bonus CD with 7 additional tracks, 5 of them are re-mixes by friends-artists and one of those was made by none else than :WUMPSCUT:

The album itself combines KC typical electro sound with dark poly-hymns which give Elena’s voice more room for development.
Rhythm, structure and effects of each and every song are absolutely perfect.

1-1 Panic Area 2:35
1-2 Coroner's Sun (Official Version) 5:27
1-3 Beauty As A Sin 4:09
1-4 Illegal Apology Of Crime 4:27
1-5 Kaczynski Code 6:29
1-6 CIA Haunted Headquarters 2:36
1-7 No One Remained 5:19
1-8 Koma-Menschen 5:38
1-9 Citizen Una 7:39
1-10 The Day Of Flowers (Incl. "Il Cielo Prima Della Fine") 6:33

2-1 Dead Zone In The Sky (Re-Mix By Punto Omega) 4:53
2-2 Days To Come (Remix By Sensory Gate) 6:18
2-3 Kaczynski Code (Edited By Hipnosis Italy) 6:30
2-4 Days To Come (Remix By Sensory Gate 5:23
2-5 K-Pax (Re-mix By :Wumpscut:) 5:29
2-6 Shadowless Doctors 6:58
2-7 Corpse ID 6:58

This is rare!
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