They Saved Hitler's Brain


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Rotterdam based band which was active from 1984 to 1997. ”Schicksal” is German for "fate".
"Dull Schicksal" started as a weird pop band inspired by the likes of Swell Maps, TV Personalities and Red Krayola but turned into to an experimental playground for all the different musicians that 'visited' the band during it's more then 12 years of existence.

"They Saved Hitler's Brain" (1991) was inspired by exploitation movies & the mythical aspects of doing bad things.

Tracklist .
1 Dreigroscheneissler 1:12
2 Cruelty Asks For Delivery 4:22
3 Dogstabber 5:58
4 Definition Of Reduction 7:10
5 God Took Away My Yesterdays Part 1 1:30
6 Pleading Not Guilty 3:55
7 Bad Reunion Diary 3:08
8 Hot Sausage Diary 2:51
9 God Took Away Part Three 1:47
10 Experimental Jolly Joe 2:17
11 Herban Olla Vogalas 3:56

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