L'Autre Rive / Le Sens Positif


2xCD + Book (STCD 840 ) - STAALPLAAT

"ETANT DONNÉS is a duet by Eric and Marc Hurtado created in Grenoble in 1980.
Born in 1959 and 1962 respectively, in Rabat, Morocco, the two brothers have chosen both orality and writing, with a clear, semantic word, yet without the burden of grammar.
Through them, it is the volume of each word that becomes an object-sculpture, together with the power of their bodies expressing their voices.
With their oral and combinative strengths, Eric and Marc give us the action of theatre, from which dictions and descriptive declamations disappear.
In addition to their violences, their sensuous delicacies often in these word cutouts, their nakedness and lights -indeed even made up - come accounts of naked men who need neither conventional costumes nor the devices of traditional stages any more.

"Be it poetry, cinema, sound, stage, everything the two of them do is done with a kind of rage that leaves you stunned. Their sound, for example, extensive, grave and apocalyptic, mixed from amplified natural elements, make those who listen dumbfounded. Their art is staggering in every respect, in the 16th century sense of the French word 'sidérant', when it meant: 'influenced by the stars'. Their music is a radioscopy of the chaos of the universe and of matter."

The 2 CD's was packaged in the leatherbound cover of the book.
(NB : the inner card who covered the discs was removed but the discs are in perfect mint condition !)

Tracklist :
§ Le Sens Positif
1-01 La Nuit Si Calme Et Si Transparente 11:42
1-02 Entre 4 Etoiles 3:15
1-03 La Montée Au Ciel 3:48
1-04 Mon Coeur 2 Ames 8:09
1-05 Déjà Le Blé Pleure Son Désespoir 2:27
1-06 Une Etoile C'Est Le Ciel 8:24

§ L'Autre Rive
2-01 Larme Secrète Blanche Secrète 9:08
2-02 Cette Rose Qui Tourne Sans Cesse Au Dessus De Mon Coeur 2:41
2-03 L'Esprit Domine L'Etoile 2:04
2-04 Le Coeur Sert Le Corps 3:24
2-05 Le Soleil, La Mer, Le Coeur Et Les Etoiles 6:10
2-06 L'Autre Rive 4:21
2-07 Transparente Nature 5:06
2-08 Le Sens Positif 11:24
2-09 Eveil 4:10
2-10 La Mémoire 3:18
2-11 Ciel Terre Ciel 3:51
2-12 Les Cent Jours Clairs 15:11
2-13 La Peur Premier Sentiment D'Amour 4:14

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