How to Reform Mankind


CD Folder + Booklet (TO:24) - TOUCH

NB: the spine of the folder is a bit worn-out  due to long storage.

Album released in 1994.
Third part of the trilogy which commenced with Kill The King and Mastery Of Money.
Comes in foldover card wallet, with 20 page booklet.
From Drone to Modern Classic, from Experimental to Musique Concrete...

What’s more fun than being at the most marvellous of parties?
Being told about it by someone else.
And here are all the juicy details about who did to whom, when and where, and who ‘didn’t’ know about it.
The dish is served, and the beads of moisture are now visible on the glass.
They said it couldn’t be done, and it very nearly wasn’t, but we soon took the smirk off THEIR faces, now didn’t we?
A cornucopia of delight, especially with absent friends in mind, and indeed. you may never be the same.
And someone else may not be either.

1 The Brain Sneezing 3:02
2 I Remain....... 5:41
3 The Emasculation Of Contempt 29:22
4 All Done With Mirrors 11:34
5 Pregnant Film 8:20
6 Alexis St. Martin 10:44
7 Total Instant Relief 9:47

This is rare!
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