Pink & Purple



Old album dated 1981
The name of the band stands for "ONE ROYAL DUTCH UNDERGROUND COMPANY" and was led by Nicko Selen, who ran also the label, and later on IF Records, along with friends who played guitars and drums.
Experimental electronic music inspired by krautrock.
Released in an edition of 500 copies in five different coloured vinyls, each 100 copies.

We stock: Blue / Orange / Green Vinyl
NB: the cover of the Orange vinyls comes with some bents but also with lots of inserts.

IMPORTANT: when ordering let us know which colour you like to get (write it in order notes)

A1 Pink & Purple 1:53
A2 Chrome Wave 6:24
A3 I Am So Glad The King Is Dead 2:32
A4 N.B.-Song 3:33
A5 No Name Nor Fame 4:11
A6 Arabian 3:48
A7 Crazy Computer (Remix) 3:52
B1 De Zee 8:36
B2 Album 0:51
B3 Decadent 5:33
B4 Düsseldorf 1:06
B5 A Trip 4:40
B6 Vinyl-Volume 0:39
B7 Van Agt / Wiegel 3:31
B8 Crazy Computer (Reprise) 1:36

This is rare!
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