Assetive Discipline [Second Print]


CD Jewel Box (DV 23) - DARK VINYL

The first Premature Ejaculation album ever, originally out as a tape in 1988.
This is the second CD re-release with some aditional tracks.
Rough, lo-fi industrial experiments from the first era !

Tracklist :
1 Claws Of The Cat 6:13
2 Views In The Bottling Room 11:24
3 Doll's Theater 11:54
4 The Worst Hell 6:20
5 Lame From His Mother's Womb 7:00
6 Blind 4:27
7 Emission Precox 8:47
8 Did The Doctor Give You A Pill? 5:16
9 Death Works as You Drift
10 Red

This is rare!
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