The Church of Dead Girls


2xCD in Oversized Digipak (TUMOR CD18) - MALICIOUS RECORDS

Rere album dated 2002

The double CD comes in a special oversized Digipak.

Second full-length release on Malignant from Navicon Torture Technologies digs deeper into the doomed psyche of NTT founder Leech, in yet another cathartic step down the darkened evolutionary path that began with Scenes From the Next Millennium.
Having coined the term ‘Power Romance, Leech now seeks to refine and solidify the idea into a true sound and vision of his own, once again combining the volatile, highly charged delirium of power electronics with the claustrophobic heavy atmospheres of dark ambient.
The Church of Dead Girls is a darker and more disturbing journey than any previous NTT release, but is nevertheless rife with the brutal honesty which has begun to permeate every facet of the NTT mindset.
A document of crushed emotional states and savage impulses, The Church of Dead Girls asks the listener to face their own worst thoughts and feelings, despite the pain and discomfort, ultimately leaving them with a permeable feeling of uncleanliness.
This is the ultimate expression of Power Romance sensibilities, spanning more than two hours of sonic self-evisceration.
Special guest on one track: MARTIN BLADH

1-01  The Gates Of Hell Open To Reveal Shiny White Skin... 2:20
1-02  Ordinary Body Horror 4:49
1-03  Beneath The Veil Of Sanity Beats The Throbbing Process Of Decay 4:07
1-04  Personal Apocalypse III 3:19
1-05  Beauty In These Ruins 8:05
1-06  Your Womb Became The Receptacle Of All My Self Loathing 4:54
1-07  Five Point Ligature 4:04
1-08  That Same Whisper Of Decay 3:03
1-09  Paterfamilias 9:35
1-10  Love Or Perish 6:13
1-11  Deathcry 8:15
1-12  A Need To Be Desired II 5:43

2-01  ...And Angels Hone Their Hooked Beaks Upon My Open Chest Cavity  7:57
2-02  I Feel Ready To Perpetrate Wanton, Heinous Acts Of Rape And Murder Upon Happy Lovers And The Population At Large... 7:55
2-03  Because I See What They Have, And I Covet It 2:25
2-04  Soul Murder, Revisited 3:48
2-05  The Illusions That Loneliness Manufactures 24:38
2-06  Self Pity Is The Rhythm Of My Heart 4:45
2-07  Everything Dies 11:53
2-08 The Simplicity Of Hope 5:56

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