The Drone EP


7" Vinyl (DR-35) - DRONE

Limited Edition 250 copies

This duo from San Francisco likes to play on different levels, on different scales, and in different areas – all at the same time and even on the same release.
Rarely, if ever, has a CD covered a broader range of musical styles than their latest masterpiece, Food for the Moon.
From the truly experimental to real pop tunes; from dark atmospheres to harsh outbursts; from ritualistic percussion to melancholic folk – it's all present in the acoustical world of MANDIBLE CHATTER.
So, clearly this 4-track-EP is far from "standard".
Here we find strange reverberating rhythmical patterns, rather meditative drones, strange singings and environmental recordings...
All reaching its peak with a short fragmentary "pop" song that leaves the listener unsure whether to laugh or cry - or both!
This is modern pluralism.

Disc comes on violet vinyl with covers drew & printed by the artists
Limited handnumbered edition of 250 copies.

This is rare!
13.00 €
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