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LP Picture-Disc (WHOL3) - DUEBEL

Limited Edition 300 copies

Rare vinyl dated 1997.

Original source material from environmental soundtrack of SSRS, shot by P.NG5361.Bandera in the suburbs of Milano (Italy), Summer-Autumn 1994.
First manipulation composed by Akifumi Nakajima at Studio Mecca, Kyoto (Japan), Winter-Spring 1995.
Second manipulation by P.NG5361.Bandera at Verba Corrige Studio, Milano (Italy), June 1995 with technical support by Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S)
Third/final manipulation manipulated by Akifumi Nakajima at Studio Mecca, Kyoto (Japan), Summer-Autumn 1995.
Best Ambient-Industrial-Experiments from the golden era.

Album is in perfect conditions!

A1  Fresh Copy Secrets 9:11
A2  Microscope Electric Cords 10:14
B1  Slide Arch Analogies 10:54
B2  Reporting Trooper Wards 14:50

This is rare!
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