A Behaded Winner and Fragrances of Happiness



Rare album.

DECADENCE debut LP dated 1998.
In this album you will face cold, cruel but complaining in its performance vocals inspired from Nietzcke's and Dostoievski's poetry, a deadly atmosphere continuously presented from mud sounds, melodic mournful echoes from classical instruments like pianos and acoustic guitars, with epic but ironic trumpets, confirming the macabre romandism.
Tenses of self-destruction, differences between life and hell or Poe's last obituary?

A1  Suicidal
A2  Notes From Underground (And Beyond)
A3  Just For Tonight
A4  Life Is Cavity, But Love?
A5  Gute Nacht Deutschland
B1  Rimus Remedium
B2  Mercury Land
B3  I'm A Disciple Of God
B4  For The Fall Of Art

This is rare!
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