A House for the Dead and a Porch for the Dying


2xLP (Prose Nagge #24) - PROSE NAGGE

30 anniversary edition on de-lux double vinyl edition!
Includes the original recordings, remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, and a full side of previously unreleased demos and re-dos.
And how wonderful will it be to see Judith Schaechter 's "Tiny Eva" stained glass in the 12 x 12 reproduction it deserves?!

At the time, 1994, "Headpress Magazine" told you this:
David E. Williams has come up with a little gem in the form of his debut album.
Williams sounds for all the world like the progeny of David Bowie, Crash Test Dummies with music and lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Weber in the final stages of cerebral cancer.
With track titles like 'The Dead Hymen' and 'Thumbelina Toad Slut', one could be forgiven for expecting some tired nerve-shredding Death metal diapason.
Instead we get something quite splendid, almost primitively unique.
The songs, or dirges to be more accurate, delve into human anxieties, madness and perversion, the bizarre lyrics combining well with the symphonic instrumentals.
'Little Sap and Varicose', a blackly humorous number concerning a young boy watching his grandfather have a heart attack while masturbating, is particularly good.
Other highpoints include 'Sandra Lindsey' a slow, enigmatic number with lyrics like: "Nephew's nibbling on a portion/of his girlfriend's last abortion/No scrotum of my son will be a cathedral/for maggot, mealworm or boweevil."
The fact that Williams doesn't sing, more recites witha croaking groan, makes it all the more strange and alluring.
The whole thing is a euphonious celebration of body fluids, aborted foetuses, disease, and death.
Highly recommended.

A1  Thumbelina Toad Slut
A2  In Sickness And In Sickness
A3  Stench Number Seven
A4  Little Sap And Varicose
A5  Shadowy Lesbian Pornography
A6  The Dead Hymen
B1  Widower
B2  Less Than Queer
B3  Ship Of Snails
B4  Severed Hand Holding Daisies
B5  Legend Of The S.S.
C1  Sandra Lindsey
C2  Crippled Lord Of Fairies
C3  I Was A Fool In Love
C4  Taxidermy Tragedy
C5  Gentleman Farmer Slips Away
D1  The Dead Hymen (Demo)
D2  In Sickness And In Sickness (Demo)
D3  Thumbelina Toad Slut (Demo)
D4  Shadowy Lesbian Pornography (Demo)
D5  Ship of Snails (Demo)
D6  The Dead Hymen (Post-2000 Remake)

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