Needle Hit The Groove


12" Vinyl + 7" Flexy-Disc (PAL-18) - PINCH A LOAF

Pressed on Marble Green Vinyl.
All Tracks on Side A were composed using cut-up and montaged versions of the compilation flexi included.
Side B is a cut-up flexi glued onto the acutal record.
Also Included is the original 7'' Flexi.
File under : Industrial-noise.

The flaxy contains tracks by :
a.m.k / Crawl Unit / Gino Robair / Con-Dom / Small Cruel Party / Gen-Ken / Smell & Quim /
Hands To / Zipper Spy / Spastic Colon / Haters / Fin

Tracklist :
A1 All The Colors Fade
A2 Knuckles Whiten At The Wheel
A3 Needle Hit The Groove
A4 Mounted And Framed
A5 Slave To Your Vision Of The Promised Land
A6 Juggernaut In Your Mouth
A7 Their Ghosts Come Back To Haunt You

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