An Exercise in Defascination


7" Vinyl (BRV 17-1015) - BLACK ROSE

Limited Edition 250 copies

The two tracks are alternative mixes from our ongoing studio recordings for the next Contrastate album.
The album concept is inspired by the Italian giallo films of 1970s.
Limited to 250 yellow vinyl copies.

Why are Flavia’s hands and feet missing?
What is she doing in the Nessuno Aslyum?
And how did she know about the death of Judge Carnevale?
Inspector Qualcuno fights his way through the elite of society and the cabal of capitalism to the corrupt underbelly of a decadent and decaying nation.
Until finally confronting a closed-shop cartel hell bent on anti-democratic sabotage for its own personal gain.

Active from the late 1980s through to the present day Contrastate have released a number of critically acclaimed albums.
Their sound insinuates itself inside the dark ritual ambience of the electronic avant-garde shot through with a vein of experimental noise and stentorian vocals that are strewn amongst touches of industrial surrealism and sonic soundtracks.

“Contrastate achieve an amazing equilibrium between organic sound and brooding electronics” – Heathen Harvest

A.  An Exercise In Defascination 5:02
B.  Spasmo 4:38

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