Aqua Necromancer (Black Vinyl)



Standard Black Vinyl edition

Masami Akita's psych-noise mantra originally released on CD in 1998 by Alien8 Recordings.
Re-released into expanded double LP.
Remastered by Masami Akita in 2021 with additional material from the same sessions.

A1. Aqua Necromancer 7:34
A2. Contrapuntti Indian 12:50
B1. Soft Drums 9:01
B2. Untitled 98 2:58
B3. Song For Fandango 5:14

C1. Contrapuntti Patto 17:18
D1. Patto Mix 1 10:21
D2. Patto Mix 2 4:01
D3. Farsa Del Buen Vivir 3:52

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