12" Vinyl / Lathe Cut (OELP 023) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 23 copies

Biorhythm is a split album by MERZBOW (the Japanese noise God) and QDOR (A new ritual-oriented cult from Friûl / north-east Italy).
The common point by those two very different projects in this release is the interest in animal beings.
In that specific case a Pidgeon (in Merzbow vision, who explicited his love for animals and manage a cruelty free life) and a Worm (an angelic animal in Qdor's cult).
The tracks are the identifications in these two animals and their biorhythms, also considering the relation between the Bird and the Geon, and the Worm and his Angelic origin. 

Strictly limited and hand-numbered edition of 23 copies.
This is an "Old Europa Cafe / Qenchytraeus Buchholzi" release.

“Wings beats pronounce linger
Dust tears feed bodies in constant twist
Disengaged nymphs and a flower without name
The dances of the beasts”
- Qdor 

A.  Merzbow : Pi-Geon
B.  Qdor : Ga-Worm


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