BiSkaidan 2


One-Sided LP (SPCFC015-2015) - SPECIFIC

Limited Edition 500 copies

BiSKAIDAN is a cross-generational coup de pop, uniting two acts from opposing ends of Japan’s musical spectrum.

BiS (short for Brand-New Idol Society) are representatives of Japan’s “idol” scene, a culture of singerdancer-celebs who define the country’s pop mainstream.

HIJOKAIDAN (led by guitarist Jojo Hiroshige and screaming witch Junko) is an infamous art-noise improv troupe dating back to the late ’70s, famous for stage antics both familiar (squalls of feedback, guitar throwing) and less familiar (pissing onstage and rolling around in the puddles).

The music they create together sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before.
A volcano made of gut wrenching screams, distorted guitars, angelic singings and positive kawaii energy.
Today, they are back with a vengeance, and a very loud one to top it off!
The Japanese all-star band is still playing its very own brand of music, perverting the quirkiness of metal influenced idol tunes with a love for shrieking and sonic assaults.
On this second offering named BiSkaidan 2, they deliver seven brand new renditions of their now typical idol-noise music with a fierce and destructive energy.

One-sided laser-etched vinyl!

1. BiSimulation
3. DiE
5. Fly
7. BiS Kaidan 2

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