The Hallways Of The Always



Songs about struggle against cowardice, stupidity and lies.
Another CHARLES MANSON record....
Recorded in the Vacaville Medical Facility, September 1982, September 1984 & April 1985.
Remastered by John Milton XIII.

Tracklist :
A1 Introduction 0:54
A2 The Hallways Of The Always 2:03
A3 A Peace In Your Heart 7:08
A4 Give Your Love (To Be Free) / ATWA / The Hallways Of The Always (Reprise) / Searchlight Dreams / Down In The Nuremberg / Father In The Universal Sky 7:44
A5 Down In Dixieland 1:50
A6 Monologue 4:45
B1 Walking Through Forever 3:10
B2 Reflections 2:20
B3 A Tribute To Hank Williams 0:44
B4 Be Free (Be To Be Free) 2:32
B5 Shakespeare's Clown 1:11
B6 Hobo's Lament 5:26
B7 Yellow Blues 1:31
B8 The Spaceman 3:02
B9 A Peace In Your Heart (Reprise) 0:40
B10 I'm Free Now 4:28

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