Cocon & Oiseau de Nuit (Black Vinyl)


LP (Aussaat 05) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 250 copies

“Cocon & Oiseau de Nuit” is a longform piece from 2006, hypnotic minimalist guitar & electronics work relating to O’Malley’s "Keep an Eye Out" (Table of the Elements 2009) & "Salt" (Ideal 2008).
This piece was originally created and explored as a though process experiment leading up to O’Malley’s work on SUNN O)))’s “Monoliths & Dimensions”/“Kannon” sessions throughout 2007-2008.
The original recordings of this piece were revisited and developed fundamentally in 2010 for the initial cassette edition and again in 2017 for this vinyl edition.
Guitar & synth saturation and amplifier feedback are the names of the games here, as always.

Edition of 500 LPs, 250 on black vinyl and 250 gold vinyl.
This is the BLACK VINYL edition.

A Untitled 19:46
B Untitled 21:02

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