CREMATORIUS [Nordvrgr / MZ.412]


Limited Edition 299 copies

Step into a time capsule of industrial experimentation with "Crematorius," an elusive music project created by the visionary Henrik Nordvargr Björkk.
Recorded on a portable four-track in 1987, "Crematorius" captures a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the early creative explorations of one of the genre's most influential figures.
This project predates even the formation of the iconic black industrial group MZ 412, offering a unique perspective on Björkk's artistic evolution. Before the monumental impact of MZ 412, "Crematorius" emerged as a groundbreaking endeavor that hinted at the industrial mastery that Björkk would later achieve.
As one of the earliest industrial-oriented projects in his repertoire, "Crematorius" showcases the young artist's experimental spirit and his unyielding determination to sculpt soundscapes that transcend time.
The sonic imperfections add to the authenticity, taking you back to a time when artists sculpted sound with limited resources and limitless creativity.

A1  Offertorium
A2  Nuda Veritas
A3  Exploratory Surgery
A4  Mansect
B1  Mortorium
B2  Necro
B3  Torden
B4  From Flesh
B5  Dödskramp
B6  Förstör

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