Diamond Pointe / Tight Fitting Armor


12" Vinyl / Lathe Cut + Music Cassette (OELP 020) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 23 copies

THE RITA's ongoing and life changing obsession for the classical ballet has culminated in a new limited 12" lathe recording that makes use of resin toed pointe shoes against the hardwood floor and metal to produce a harsh noise avalanche that winds in and out of the overdriven textures as the 'Principal' brand 'Diamond Pointe' shoes go through their 'Echappe' and 'Glissade' pointe positions. 
The same work has been successfully presented live in Seattle, USA Jan, 2016 and will be presented live again at the Congresso Post Industriale in Bologna, Italy In April, 2016.
Accompanying the 12" lathe recording is a cassette recording from 2013 heralding the legend of Joan of Arc with raw sources from various cinema recordings such as Jacques Rivette's Joan the Maid (1994) and Luis Bunuel's Diary of a Chambermaid (1964) making up the core of the heavily overdriven and abrasive harsh noise. 
Thematically, THE RITA draw parallels to the primary women character's aesthetics; Sandrinne Bonnaire's armor from Joan the Maid and Jeanne Moreau's famous black stockings from Diary of a Chambermaid.

Lathe-Cut album released out of 100% pure black vinyl.
Strictly limited to 23 hand-numbered copies.

§12" Vinyl
A.  Diamond Pointe 1   12:00
B.  Diamond Pointe 2   12:00

§ Music-Cassette
A.  Tight Fitting Armor 1   13:50
B.  Tight Fitting Armor 2   13:50


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