Die Stufen des Seins


LP+CD (Erdgut (C) 19) - ERDGUT

Limited Edition 300 copies


After 10 long years of silence finally here comes a new album from Franz Nigl, the Vienna master of Ritual Inustrial.
Ambient, dreamy soundscapes mixed to beating rythms, some of those recorded inside Vienna bunkers during secret performances.
A cult project is back!

"about the stages of being
living means fighting
all the blod flows in one direction

mountains air becomes thin
rain washes away time
all living is transitory
the origin flame is changless" -- Allgrena

A1. Die Stufen des Seins
A2. Die wharen Abenteuer
A3. Die Welt im Tautropfen
A4. Erdmund

B1. Gedanken sind Wesen
B2. Kern der Kerne
B3. Gebirgslied
B4. Zeit&Raum

CD1. Wachsende Ringe
CD2. Endraum
CD3. Endzeit
CD4. Die Traenen der Sonne
CD5. Aurora

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