Welten - Worlds - Ohontsa'shón:'a Morphologische Modemusik



Early eighties sound-project and conceptual work from 1984 also known as "Gerry Belz"

Worlds of music ringed out on our planet.
Simultaneously blown out, not attuned but still tuned incidentally, partly at on purpose. In 1984, die Tödliche Doris was given the chance for such a coincidence of two different worlds.

They were invited to compose the music for a fashion-show in the Deplane Kunsthalle Berlin.
For the first time, this fully documented composition consists of 24 Audiotapes with sounds and music-recordings which were recorded and then played with different technically defect tape-recorders and which were accompanied of the Band "Gerry-Belz-Showband" which has been selected from the employment-office in Berlin.
The repertoire of the three olderly men did consist of the usually well-known evergreens of entertainment- and light-music.
This Band was now confronted to play music to those sound-collages from their standard-entertainment-musical-repertoire.
Between one track, they had to take a 5-minute working-break and eat a huge butter-bread.
The performance of the composition "Welten – morphologische Modemusik" has been held on the 9,66.th of Oktober 1984 at 5.30 p.m. and 21.30 p.m. during the "Durchbruch"-fashion-show in the Deplana-Arthall in Berlin.

Die Tödliche Doris is sometimes referred to an industrial-band.
In fact, the group has played and cooperated with SPK and Twin Vision.
If there is any music of the band which can be referred to Industrial, then it is this project here, which was only released in certain pieces to this point.

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