Limited Edition 500 copies

Engulfing, lost-at-sea drone scapes from German electronics autodidactic Asmus Tietchens.
Put out by Korm Plastics’ short-run Ambient Series in 1995, Eisgang lays out two heavily concentrated, deeply immersive sound scenes that paints the picture of an isolated ice-filled sea being demolished by an oversized industrial icebreaker.
Or, at least it seems..
The dense, sea-sick frequency-modulated sound echoes the mighty (and still somewhat anonymous) Werkbund unit, who Teitchens repeatedly denies being any part of, but the shared influence of North Sea folklore and the unique, otherworldly mix of industrial / hallucinogenic sound would suggest otherwise.
One side sounds like being trapped deep inside the engine room, with the mechanical roar producing unusual overtones and textures and sorta blurring the boundaries between electronically produced and found-sound, to the point where it’s almost impossible to imagine a human being capable of producing this.
The other, is deeper, more swirling and kaleidoscopic, recalling some NWW stuff.

Handnumbered edition of 500 copies.

NB: Cover has one slightly bent corner

A.  Rasch Und Mäßig Bewegt 19:43
B.  Nahezu Unbewegt 17:35

This is rare!
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