En Concert - El Diablo, Lille, France 29.11.14



Limited Edition 270 copies

Created in the mid-1980s, C.A.D.S. is a French one-person musical project, originally based in Tours.
Being on the sidelines of the first "hard" industrial wave, the group sets up dark atmospheres by developing long ambient electronic ranges, repetitive and cinematic, sometimes with snippets of minimalist melodies.
Whether in the studio or in concert, the approach of this "sound craftsman", as he defines himself, remains the same: to develop very evocative atmospheres evolving between darkness and melancholy.
To do this, he uses pre-recorded electronic layers and sounds on which are grafted acoustic, concrete sounds, resulting from live manipulations of objects diverted from their original functions: scraped metal, struck stone, battered springs, etc. The work on sound taking place mainly at the level of the vibrations of objects.
The group invites you to take part in a journey, a journey halfway between consciousness and unconscious.

Rust-Marbled Vnyl - Limited edition of 270 copies - Special Silkscreened Folding Cover.

1 La-Bas
2 Konstruktivisme
3 Another Kind Of Experimental Freedom - Akt.1
4 Another Kind Of Experimental Freedom - Akt.2
5 Another Kind Of Experimental Freedom - Akt.3
6 Another Kind Of Experimental Freedom - Akt.4
7 Another Kind Of Experimental Freedom - Akt.5
9 Paysages Industriels
11 Des Visages Et Des Ruines
12 The Unacceptable Face Of Beauty
13 Ailleurs

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