Ephemeral Dawn (White Vinyl)


2xLP (TESCO 026) - TESCO

Limited Edition 250 copies

Limited edition of 250 copies in Black and 250 copies in White.
We offer the WHITE VINYL edition

This is the 2nd Anenzephalia album first released in 1995 as special edition CD in Postercover, repressed as Digipak in 2007 and sold out for long time now.
First time on vinyl now, comes in gatefold cover with spotvarnished elements and printed 12" booklet reflecting the artwork of the original postercover.
These are assault power electronics at it's best, brilliant recordings of app 64 minutes of brain numbing noise, sick electronics, droning waves, distant echoing vocals, subtle rhythmic loops, rumbling bases and higher piercing freuencies.
Here the dream dies!
The world smothered in absurdity!

Side A
Beneath The Shroud 5:02
Regime 4:57
Kachexie 4:11

Side B
Infernal Wake 7:24
Thaum 4:49
Abiding Broadcast Contamination 5:34

Side C
Genealogy Of Disease 5:54
Liebombast 5:11
Schockwelle: Krisis 7:24

Side D
Ultra Fear Perception 5:16
Coroners Eyes (Global Obsequies) 8:23

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