Es ist Eine Fremde und Seltsame Welt


LP (WR 41) - ATA TAK

LP Dated 1987 / First edition out on Ata Tak / Cover has some bants / disc is a bit worned out
"Used item" from OEC personal collection!

Moritz R: I made the cover.
My idea was for everything in the photo to be black, we even used embossed type sothe entire cover was black.
Pyrolator: The name of the album is simultaneously the concept.
Numerous diverse pieces which illuminate the world in all its absurdity.
The album title is lifted from the David Lynchmovie Blue Velvet (“It’s a strange world”).
The songs on the album were, for the most part, composed in a legendary session, improvisations really.
We decidedto play each piece in a different key and use irregular time signatures...
German Legendary Experiments mixed to Synth-Pop.

A1 Get Out! 2:47
A2 Bye Bye! 2:25
A3 1 Mann, 1 Ball 2:47
A4 Kennen Sie Köln? 2:57
A5 Ich Hab Den Jordan Gesehn 2:20
A6 Press »G«-Punkt! 2:04
A7 Wenn Du Nicht Zuhause Bist... 3:09
A8 Kreuze Niemals Deinen Weg! 1:05
B1 Bleib Gold! 2:20
B2 Komm Zurück! 3:28
B3 Die Paranoia-kritische Methode 3:14
B4 Die Geschichte Des Schwarzen Goldes 2:27
B5 1 Moment = 2 Sec 3:25
B6 Frisch Verliebt 2:35

This is rare!
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