Fangs of Lucifer


LP (None) - OLD GOLD

A highly amusing compendium of naif wheedle, decrepit mirth and tinker toy esoterica from this Japanese artist probably best known for his collaborations with Jad Fair of Half Japanese.
Fangs Of Lucifer culls together material from his earlycassette culture forays, the hand hewn roughness of which gives this an almost Tori Kudo-like air of ennobled ungainliness.

Special transparent vinyl and transparent cover/packaging.

A1 White House Reaction 1:46
A2 Why To Xmas 4:49
A3 Not So Easy No. 8 3:05
A4 One Hundred Colors Tribe 2:50
A5 Fiddler On The Skateboard With Chinese Hat 1:55
A6 A Wood 1:33
A7 Needle Anesthesia 2:19
A8 The Nude In The Kocacco River No. 3 2:13
B1 Hae (Live) 3:07
B2 I Have A Many Common Sense With Him 1:13
B3 Gureepufuruutsu Juusu 1:56
B4 Prefish 3:47
B5 Fr15z (Korgo) 1:45
B6 July Sky 3:45
B7 China Pong 1:40
B8 Eel Fishing In Moon Night 2:42
B9 Jkimigayo (Traditional) 0:37

This is rare!
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