Feather 17



Feather 17 is the first proper full-length vinyl album from Houston’s Future Blondes and comes following a long and sordid trail of tapes, cd-rs, and 12”s on labels like Dull Knife, FLA, and Robert & Leopold.
Mastermind Domokos (also known for his drumwork in Texas noise-punk legends RUSTED SHUT, live bass/tape manipulations for HELIOS CREED/CHROME as CHEMICAL MANGE, and appearences w/ BLACK LEATHER JESUS) serves up another heavy batch of mutated white-light techno/industrial with contributions from members of BOOK OF SHADOWS, //TENSE//, BALACLAVAS, TWISTED WIRESS, and SYNB.
Pressed on milky white vinyl and comes with a digital download.

Tracklist :
A1 Synth 1 5:08
A2 Feather 17 ( Love And Destruction) 16:18
B1 Fehe'r A Tuz (Finom A Ve'red) 23:30

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