Boyd Keeps Swinging


12" Vinyl (CSR157EP ) - COLD SPRING

Man to Man Electronic Sex Music.
This 12” vinyl features 6 remixes of the David Bowie song, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’, with guest vocalist Boyd Rice (NON), who also stars in the music video.
A veritable “who’s who” of musicians / remixers give the track a dancefloor makeover, from grinding Industrial to hard techno:
ALAN GREGORIE (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Cyndi Lauper)
DEREK RUSH (Dream Into Dust, Compactor, A Murder Of Angels)
BRYIN DALL (Thee Majesty, 4th Sign of the Apocalypse)
RAE DILEO (Henry Rollins, Filter)
MC Spacebar (Hirsute Pursuit, Loretta’s Doll)
EDLEY O’DOWD (PTV3, The Toilet Boys, Tony Conrad)

Limited edition vinyl with provocative artwork by Syluss Fortay.

1. Boys Keep Swinging (Los Ninos De Amor Mix) – Alan Gregorie
2. Boys Keep Swinging (Boys Club Mix) – Derek Rush
3. Boys Keep Swinging (Uniform Mix) – Bryin Dall
4. Boys Keep Swinging (Blade Kraft Mix) – Rae Dileo
5. Boys Keep Swinging (A Little Bit Dirty Mix) – MC Spacebar
6. Boys Keep Swinging (Boodle Boy Mix) – Edley ODowd & Bryin Dall

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